The Destiny Command is an app/command you can add to your chat bot that allows you and your viewers to check their stats across Destiny 2 as a whole. Whether it be Trials stats, K/D, loadout or just checking the amount of times you’ve achieved a certain medal.

We support all platforms, but mainly focus on Twitch. There are bots supporting the command on Twitch, Youtube, Discord, Slack and Mixer.

Installation is simple, choose your bot below and follow the instructions. For most bots a simple copy-paste in your chat is enough!


!destiny <action> <user> <platform>
Example: !destiny primary xgerhard xbox


  • primary (Primary/Kinetic weapon info)
  • secondary (Secondary/energy weapon info)
  • heavy (Heavy/power weapon info)
  • helmet (Helmet info)
  • gauntlet (Gauntlet info)
  • legs (Legs info)
  • helmet (Helmet info)
  • vehicle (Vehicle info)
  • ship (Ship info)
  • classitem (Classitem info)
  • emote (Emote info)
  • chest (Chest info)
  • aura (aura info)
  • weapons (Will show all weapons, without perks)
  • gear (Will show all gear, without perks)


Basic info: By default the stat command will show an account overall stat, if you want character specific stats add a c in front of the stat.
For example:
!destiny kd xgerhard - Will show account overall kd.
!destiny ckd xgerhard - Will show kd per character.

By default the stat command will grab pvp stats, if you want to specify a specific playlist add the playlist in front of the command.
For example:
!destiny pvekd xgerhard - Will show account overall kd in PvE.
!destiny cpvekd xgerhard - Will show kd per character in PvE.

The following stats can be checked:

  • kd (Kills/Deaths ratio)
  • kda ((Kills+(Assists/2))/Deaths ratio)
  • wins (Games won)
  • wl (Wins/Losses ratio)
  • wins (Games won)
  • time (Time played)
  • deaths (Total deaths)
  • kills (Total kills)
  • assists (Total assists)
  • cr (Combat rating)
  • bestwep (Best weapon)
  • tdd (Total death distance)
  • avgdd (Average death distance)
  • tkd (Total kill distance)
  • avgkd (Average kill distance)
  • score (Total score)
  • avgspk (Average score per kill)
  • avgspl (Average score per life)
  • mk (Most kill in one game)
  • bestscore (Best single game score)
  • pkills (Precision kills)
  • akills (Ability kills)
  • suicides (Total suicides)
  • lks (Longest killing spree)
  • lsl (Longest single life)
  • fusion (Fusion rifle kills)
  • auto (Auto rifle kills)
  • machinegun (Machinegun kills)
  • pulse (Pulse rifle kills)
  • rocket (Rocket launcher kills)
  • handcannon (Handcannon kills)
  • scout (Scout rifle kills)
  • shotgun (Shotgun kills)
  • sniper (Sniper rifle kills)
  • smg (SMG kills)
  • sidearm (Sidearm kills)
  • sword (Sword kills)
  • grenadelauncher (Grenade launcher kills)
  • grenade (Grenade kills)
The following medals can be checked:
Command codeMedal nameMedal description
hurricaneHurricaneDefeat 3 opponents in a single Arc Staff activation
handfullofbulletsHandfull of BulletsDefeat 3 opponents in a single Golden Gun activation
lethalinstinctLethal InstinctDefeat an opponent within 2 seconds of activating Golden Gun
lightningstormLighting StormDefeat two or more opponents in a single Stormtrance activation
bloodforbloodBlood for BloodDefeat an opponent who just defeated an ally
iliveherenowI live her now Hold two or more zones for at least 1 minute
flagbearerFlag BearerComplete a Control match with the most combined Advantage and Power Play kills
gangsallhereGangs All HereWin a round with your entire team alive
thecycleThe CycleIn a single match, land at least one final blow with each class of weapon (Kinetic, Energy, Power) and ability (Melee, Grenade, Super)
dodgethisDodge thisDefeat a Hunter attempting to dodge
barricadebreakerBarricade BreakerDefeat a Titan within 3 seconds of their deploying a Barricade
riftbreakerRift BreakerDefeat a Warlock while they are within their active Rift
notonmywatchNot on My WatchLand a final blow on an opponent who has damaged an ally
crushedthemCrushed ThemWin a match with a large margin of victory
fightmeFight Me!Deal the most total damage to opponents in a single match
timeandahalfTime and a HalfWin a match in overtime
undefeatedUndefeatedComplete a match in which you are never defeated by an opponent
doubleplayDouble PlayRapidly defeat 2 opposing Guardians
tripleplayTriple PlayRapidly defeat 3 opposing Guardians
lightsoutLights OutRapidly defeat 4 opposing Guardians
annihilationAnnihilationLand final blows on the entire enemy team before any of them respawn
bestservedcoldPaybackLand the final blow on the Guardian who last defeated you
quickstrikeQuickstrikeQuickly defeat an opponent with Arc Staff within 3 seconds of activation
unyieldingUnyieldingIn a single life, defeat 10 opposing Guardians
ruthlessRuthlessIn a single life, defeat 5 opposing Guardians
weranoutofmedalsWe Ran Out of MedalsIn a single life, defeat 20 opposing Guardians
combinedfireCombined FireIn a single life, defeat 3 opposing Guardians while assisting or assisted by your teammates
shutdownShutdownShut down an opponent's streak
wreckingcrewWrecking CrewAs a team, defeat 7 opposing Guardians without any of your team dying
notsofastmyfriendNot So Fast My FriendDefeat an opposing Guardian using your Super while their Super is active
mycrestismyownMy Crest Is My OwnComplete a match in which your crest is never collected by an opponent
safeandsecuredSafe and SecuredSecure three opposing crests in a single life)
survivorSurvivorWin a Survival round without being defeated
assaultspecialistAssualt SpecialistIn a single match, defeat 7 opponents with Auto Rifle final blows
coldfusionCold FusionIn a single life, defeat two opponents with a Fusion Rifle
directhitDirect HitDefeat two opponents with direct grenade hits without switching weapons or reloading
hawkeyeHawkeyeIn a single life, defeat two opponents with precision Hand Cannon final blows
lethalcadenceLethal CadenceIn a single match, defeat 7 opponents with Pulse Rifle final blows
splashdamageSplash DamageDefeat two or more opponents with a single rocket
fieldscoutField ScoutIn a single match, defeat 5 opponents at long range with Scout Rifle final blows
closeencountersClose EncountersDefeat two opponents at close range with a Shotgun without switching weapons or reloading
submachinistSub MachinistIn a single life, defeat 2 opponents with Submachine Gun final blows
regentRegentDefeat two opponents with a sword without switching weapons
neverindoubtNever In DoubtDoubt Win a match in which your team never trailed
fromthejawsofdefeatFrom the Jaws of DefeatWin a match after having trailed by a significant margin
fallingstarFalling StarDefeat an opponent with Brimstone while Daybreak is active
defyinggravityDefying GravityIn a single Daybreak activation, defeat two or more opponents without touching the ground
singularitySingularityDefeat an opponent with a Nova Bomb Vortex
fromdowntownFrom DowntownDefeat two or more opponents with a Nova Bomb that was in the air for at least 5 seconds
thunderstruckThunderstruckDefeat an opponent with Landfall while casting Stormtrance
lightningstrikeLightning StrikeDefeat an opponent within 3 seconds of activating Arc Staff
entangledEntangledDefeat a tethered opponent within 5 seconds of casting Shadowshot
longbowLongbowDefeat an opponent with Shadowshot at a distance greater than 30 meters
perfectguardPerfect GuardBlock fatal damage within 2 seconds of activating Ward of Dawn
flyingfortressFlying FortressDefeat an opponent with a Shield Rush within 3 seconds of defeating an opponent with a Sentinel Shield melee
absoluteforceAbsolute ForceDefeat two or more opponents in a single Fists of Havoc slam
strikerspecialStriker SpecialIn a single activation, defeat two opponents with Shoulder Charge, then a third with Fists of Havoc
pitchperfectPitch PerfectDefeat an opponent with Hammer of Sol at a distance greater than 30 meters
everythinglookslikeanailEverything Looks Like a NailDefeat three opponents within a single Hammer of Sol activation
counterattackCounter AttackDefeat an opponent within 5 seconds of them setting a charge
pyrotechnicsPyrotechnicsSet a charge that successfully detonates
bombswhatbombsBombs? What Bombs?Defuse multiple charges in a single match
laststandLast StandDefuse the charge as the last Guardian standing
perfectgamePerfect GameWin a Countdown match in which your opponent never scores and never sets a charge
lonegunLone GunWin a round as the last surviving Guardian on your team
minutetowinitMinute to Win ItAs a team, win a round of Survival within 1 minute
undertakerUndertakerLand all knockout blows on the opposing team in a single round
accordingtoplanAccording to PlanWin a Survival round despite being scoreless on Match Point
untouchableUntouchableWin a Survival match where no one on your team is defeated across all rounds
reclaimerReclaimerRecapture a zone within 15 seconds of it being captured by your opponents
dominantadvantageDominant AdvantageScore 5 advantage or Power Play kills before the opponent recaptures a zone
poweroverwhelmingPower OverwhelmingAs a team, defeat all 4 opposing Guardians at least once during a single Power Play
firstsecureFirst SecureSecure the first crest in a match
steadfastallySteadfast AllyRecover three allied crests in a single life
crestfallenCrestfallenIn a single life, create 5 consecutive crests that are secured by your teammates
acrownofcrestsA Crown of CrestsComplete a Supremacy match with the most crests created and a 100% secure rate
lightemupLight 'Em UpCast the first super of the match
fireintheholeFire in the Hole!In a single life, land 5 grenade final blows
punchandpiePunch and PieIn a single life, land 3 melee final blows
superstarSuperstarIn a single life, cast 3 supers
byourpowerscombinedBy Our Powers CombinedAs a team, rapidly cast all 4 of your supers
totalmayhemTotal MayhemAs a team, land 10 super final blows without anyone on your team being defeated
polyarmoryPolyarmoryIn a single round, both you and your partner must land one final blow each with Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapons
thirdwheelThird WheelRapidly defeat both your opponents while your partner is down
brokenupBroken UpAs a pair, defeat both your opponents within 3 seconds while they are separated from each other
heartbreakerHeartbreakerWin a Crimson Days match in sudden death
bestinclassBest in ClassIn a single life, defeat at least one Hunter, one Titan, and one Warlock
assassinAssassinIn a single life, land 3 unassisted final blows without taking any damage in between
pickpocketPickpocketIn a single life, steal 5 final blows from your opponents
podiumfinishPodium FinishFinish in the top 3 in a Rumble match
roundrobinRound RobinIn a single life, defeat each opposing player at least once
thesumofalltearsThe Sum of All TearsWin a Rumble match with a score greater than the sum of all opponents' scores
slayerSlayerRapidly defeat 5 opposing Guardians
reaperReaperRapidly defeat 6 opposing Guardians
seventhcolumnSeventh ColumnRapidly defeat 7 opposing Guardians
localmaximaLocal MaximaDefeat the most opponents in a single round
denialofserviceDenial of ServiceAs a team, collect 3 consecutive ammo crates in a single round
clawingbackClawing BackWithin a round, retake the lead after trailing by 5 points
whenthedustclearsWhen the Dust ClearsWin a Final Showdown in which your entire team survives
werenotdoneyetWe're Not Done YetForce a Final Showdown round after trailing 0–2
invincibleInvincibleWin a match in which no one on your team is defeated
totalmedalsTotal medalsTotal medals

Account linking is available for Nightbot users. Tired of typing your gamertag/platform for each command? Use !destiny setplayer username platform to link your Twitch/Youtube/Discord account to your Destiny account. After linking your account you can use all !destiny commands without having to type your username/platform, for example: !destiny primary.


!commands add !destiny $(urlfetch$(querystring)&default_console=xbox)

Optional: the default_console parameter can be changed to either pc, xbox or ps. This is the main console which will be chosen if no console is provided.

!addcmd !destiny @customapi@[]

Required: Change CHANNEL_NAME_HERE to your actual channel name.

Optional: the default_console parameter can be changed to either pc, xbox or ps. This is the main console which will be chosen if no console is provided.

!addcommand !destiny {readapi.{1:3}&bot=streamlabs&user={}&channel={}&default_console=xbox}

Optional: the default_console parameter can be changed to either pc, xbox or ps. This is the main console which will be chosen if no console is provided.

!addcom !destiny (customapi (echo)))

Optional: the default_console parameter can be changed to either pc, xbox or ps. This is the main console which will be chosen if no console is provided.

Charlemagne is a fast Discord bot that provides detailed access to Destiny information. Besides that Charlemagne also responds to all your !destiny commands. More information about Charlemagne at:

To install Charlemagne to your Discord go to and click "add Charlemagne to your server". The following page will pop up:

Select your own, or a server you manage and hit Authorize.

That's it, you can close the confirmation page and jump in Discord to play around with Charlemagne.

!command add !destiny ${customapi.$(queryencode $(1:))&bot=streamelements&user=$(queryencode ${user})&channel=$(queryencode ${channel})&default_console=xbox}

Optional: the default_console parameter can be changed to either pc, xbox or ps. This is the main console which will be chosen if no console is provided.

Easiest way is to download the command from the MixItUpApp store:
  1. New command
  2. Download from Store
  3. Search "Destiny Stats"
  4. Select "Destiny Stats"
  5. Click download
  6. Insert a command name & chat trigger
  7. Click Save
If that doesn't work, you can create the command manually:
  1. New command
  2. Advanced command
  3. Insert a command name & chat trigger
  4. Select "Action" → Web Request → click +
  5. Insert "Web Request URL":$allargs&bot=mixitup&user=$username&channel=$streamerusername&default_console=xbox
  6. Select "Action To Perform With Response": Chat
  7. Insert "Chat message": $webrequestresult
  8. Click Save

Optional: the default_console parameter can be changed to either pc, xbox or ps. This is the main console which will be chosen if no console is provided.

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